A Warm Welcome

With an expertise
of over 15 years in the International Fashion Retail,

AktYs Consulting Ltd covers a wide range of corporate expertise and offers outsourcing solutions in Οmnichannel Strategy, Business Development, Management, Marketing, and Operations.

What We Do

AktYs sprang to life by the spirit of entrepreneurship in order to provide strategic solutions to medium size companies that aspire to become established players in the international market. Our objective is to deliver innovative thinking, steer our customers to blue oceans, optimize efficiencies, boost their brand awareness globally and ensure sustainable profits.

Who we are

AktYs was established in 2011
and specializes in Business Consulting, Design, Marketing & Hospitality

our services

The business environment around us is volatile and is subject to more-or-less predictable global economic trends, natural events and technological breakthroughs. Yet, one thing is certain: opportunities for growth are out there and there are many, IF you muster up the courage to embark on a journey of change. AktYs is here to guide you through this journey safely and successfully, making your growth aspirations a golden reality. 


AktYs has a wealth of experience in International Travel Retail and is particularly geo-specialized in the Asian market. The Travel Retail channel includes Airlines, Airports, Border shops, Downtown Duty-Free shops, and Cruise liners. This fast-track channel offers high brand visibility and is considered a stepping-stone for international business development. Thanks to AktYs’ sterling reputation in the Travel Retail market, you can explore safely and efficiently the opportunities of this highly coveted, yet demanding, channel.


AktYs has been blessed to have undertaken and have implemented successfully a variety of business projects in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the USA and the UK, as well as in central Europe. Working in the fast-forward Asian market has always been an inspiration, sharpening our skills and redefining our quality standards.